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Hecho en Las Américas

By birth or by choice, this hemisphere is our home. We live in it. We love it. We take muchísimo pride in it. So that’s what HELA is all about – if it’s made in the Américas, we want to celebrate it.

Our backyard in the little barrio de Los Ángeles is ground zero for project HELA but we invite correspondence from anyone that lives between Canadá and Tierra del Fuego to help us dig up the tasty fruits and vegetables that are the people, places, and events of our world. If you’re willing to hitchhike the Pan American Highway, we’ll pull over and give you a ride. Because the end game is simple – to roll it all together in one big fat greasy burrito of offerings that celebrates the Norte/Sur axis.

So take a bite. Let the flavors marinate in your mouth. Let the juices drip down your chin. Don’t mind the mess, just smile and enjoy. Because from Nanavut to Ushuaia, if it’s Hecho en Las Américas… it always goes down smooth.

Paz y Amor

-La Tripulación

2011-2012 Roster of HELA contributors (Haz clic en los nombres y aprende más)

-El Pollo Rico (El Capitán y Editor en Jefe)

-Don Francisco (Presidente y CFO)

-Chuck Foo (Ministro de Salud)

-Tommy Tsunga (Maestro de Cultura)

-Jonesy (Ambassador of Awesome)

-Bubba (El Rey de Bigotes)

-Julie Goat (Editora de Musica)