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Pues, for you ratones who are still getting your sea legs in this Borgesian laberinto de los interwebs, this page will hopefully help you to find the queso.

The concept of the site

Beyond what we mention in We are HELA, the site serves as a venue for us to share our interests with you while we garner the venture capital necessary to open the brick and mortar espacio cultural that will be HELA. Muy neoliberal, ¿no?

Use of Spanglish / Portañol

It’s what we do. It’s an outward expression of our philosophy and belief in the shared heritage and shared future of the nations that comprise this hemisphere. Canadian and Haitian French have yet to crack the starting lineup but remember, there is a long list of worthy lenguas out there in the Américas. We’ll probably dabble in Nahuatl, Quechua, or Redneck before we let Bubba and his northern compats get all froggy on us. And as for the occasional Yiddish and hebraicisms …well… that’s just how I roll. Entendes? Yofi!

La Tripulación

This is the crew aboard the good ship HELA. We are HELA” is where we talk a little about our awesome selves and expand on the concept of the site.

The cheese

“INICIO” is the HOME page / beginning. At HOME you’ll always see our freshest material featured front and center with listings for TEMAS and our AMIGOS to the side.

“TEMAS” are simply categories that help us sort the posts so you can more easily find what you’re looking for: Deportes/Sports, Música/Music, Cultura…

“AMIGOS” are the friends of HELA as well as the people and places that inspire us or have earned our respect. As it regards businesses, we do try to favor AMIGOS who keep their operations and production in the Américas.

¡Ojo! – Links.

Active links to other content or reference materials will always be underlined in a post or on a page. Click these links to be taken to other web sites where you can dig a little deeper for …whatever it is you’re digging for.


¿y… qué crees?

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