Los Pinguos CD Release Party @ The Mint

I can’t count the number of nights I’ve spent drinking malbec and dancing madly to Los Pinguos. Give these guys an hour and your teeth will be purple and you’ll be drenched in sweat from doing whatever it is you decide to do when you decide to cut a rug: salsa, cumbia, white man’s overbite, free for all hincha de Boca style jumping up and down… it’s all good, it’s all pinguinesca. In the Temple Bar days, there was no better show on the lado oeste than this group of Argentines who channel an unparalleled blend of flamenco, rock, tango, cumbia, salsa… and … who cares… IT’S LOS PINGUOS!

Temple Bar is gone but Los Pinguos carry on and tomorrow night at The Mint they’re celebrating the release of their new album “11-11” with a South American / P. Diddy style “white party” where everyone dressed in white gets a FREE copy of the CD.

But OJO! Bassist and notorious hincha de C.A. Independiente, Santiago “Fefe” Lee made it very clear that you gotta be dressed in ALL white from head to toe. Go white or go home. A philosophy that Fefe assures me is not in any way racist.

More than anything: JUST ENJOY THE AWESOME THAT THEY PUT IN YOUR EAR. My only words of caution? Be careful if you Californicanos wear chancletas. Erin is notorious for dancing all over your feet.

Paz. Amor. Besos. Abrazos. – EPR


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