Splendido All-Stars @ M Herrington Gallery

As the icecaps melt and the glaciers start to thaw, las super-estrellas esplendidas will emerge from hibernation to play a neighborhood show at the M Herrington Gallery in nuestro barrio de Venice. I’m excited because The Splendido Allstars are family – literally, mi familia – and it’s been far too long since they’ve shared the love. An organically grown grade-AAA collection of bottled up musical musk, they are my brothers and sisters and I can smell them coming from a mile away. How? Because once uncorked, that bottle oozes a musical energy that launches dust storms of pheromones into the Santa Anas. It’s an angry genie that will sooner breakdance for tacos than get back in the lamp. So if you start to sneeze, sweat, and dance violently, it’s because they’re on their horse and they’re headed this way.

This Friday will also be a little extra wild since the Splendidos are performing during a “live draw” by local Venice master of the erotic: Alberto Bevacqua.

If you’re new to the experience, you should know that the Splendidos are a free-form invitation to musical talent, a shifting rotation of all-stars that is held in place by the backbone of Dave Noel (lead guitar), Matthaeus Szumanski (bass), and Shaun Tucker (drums). As the seasons change, so does the lineup but common featured performers include: Alanna Vicente on vocals and trombone, the beautiful voice of Gabriela Cowperthwaite, the Splendido Wall of Brass (Al Nelson, Chuck Pappert, Marcus Bag-O-Soul, Helga Douglas), Terrence Young on naked cello, and if you’re super-lucky… when Mercury is rising on a full moon… you might get to see the Freestyle Boba Fett of Microphone Mastery aka Jeff “J-Dub” West.

Go. Do it. Join the famiglia.
Herve will smile down upon you.


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