If you’re not too tired to be sexy: CSS @ Troubador 4/19

ERRATA: 1. Eu esqueci de incluir um vídeo. 2. Lovefoxxx is NOT a  pasty white kid. She’s a pasty white 日系ブラジル人 nikkei burajiru-jin, nipo-brasileiro …e digo isso com muito amor, minha irmã!

Porque os brasileiros podem ser hipsters também.

In fact if Echo Park and São Paulo were to make sweet sweet love, they’d probably give birth to Lovefoxxx and her merry band of cool-geek Paulistas.
No bronzed girls from Ipanema, no bossa nova, and no less authentic. These pasty white kids are international poster-children for the majority of Brazil’s urbanite youth for whom Tropicalia wasn’t a ball and chain tying them to their Samba Roots. It was a free license to do whatever the fuck they want.

And they want to have fun.
It’s an aspiration that goes beyond borders. Because roots aren’t going anywhere. Seu Jorge, Céu, Bebel Gilberto… the cream of the KCRW crop will carry the torch for the old school / new school hybrid. CSS strives for something different – a street cred that is transnational and isn’t defined by saudade but rather the sweat dripping from your chonies after you’ve danced your balls off for a couple hours straight.And remember, CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) isn’t really all that exhausted with sexy. They just don’t think “Sexy” should get in the way of sexy. Because sexy has fun, sexy dances, sexy geeks out. AT THE TROUBADOUR THIS THURSDAY 04/19/12.


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