POCHO Podcast #1: Lalo Alcaraz and Al Madrigal have words for you : Pocho

Al Madrigal is genius and a major contributor to the growing multicultural street cred of the Daily Show. His recent feature on the Arizona school district that exterminated its Mexican American Studies curriculum was simply precious.

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Tucson’s Mexican-American Studies Ban
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Lalo, el Editor-en-Jefe of POCHO, is a more nuanced cat. He’s a not a super-high profile guy outside of certain circles of the counterculture intelligentsia and yet 20 years of editorial cartoons for the LA Weekly justify the slightly hyperbolic claim that he’s the Chicano Conrad. I have to admit that his daily cartoon “La Cucaracha” doesn’t always hit home with me (not as brutal as his editorials or maybe just more subtle) but that doesn’t negate the fact that Lalo is an iconic figure in the landscape of Chicanismo Californicano. As he pushes forward with the launch and evolution of POCHO, people outside the NPR / LA Weekly circles of trust are beginning to take notice. Why? Largely because the Republican primary has become a case of life imitating art – Lalo’s art.

They call me "El Guante"Back in the 1990s Lalo’s alterego Daniel D. Portado, founder of Hispanics Against Liberal Takeover (HALTO), became the portavoz for a “militant, self-deportation movement encouraging all minorities to leave the United States”. This spoof on the myopic and racist backlash against immigration in the 90s is now a part of the official Mitt Romney platform for his run to be presidente de los EEUU. Ricardo Santorito dug into the Mad Men vaults for his position on contraception and now “El Guante” is turning to potential cabinet member and Latino outreach coordinator Sr. D. Portado for guidance on immigration reform. Is this a trend?

As a result, Lalo was featured in an interview with our badass hermanita Rachel Maddow, significantly expanding the reach of his cultural and political satire. En el sur de California we’ve been lucky to have Alcaraz, Gustavo Arrellano and Culture Clash to call bullshit when and where necessary. Calling bullshit on others and calling bullshit on ourselves. They’re equal opportunity at keeping us honest. But don’t take my word for it, just ask a mexican.

POCHO Podcast #1: Lalo Alcaraz and Al Madrigal have words for you : Pocho


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