Chavez the Hutt


Hugo - either he needs Maalox or Boba Fett.

Bring me Capriles and the Wookiee. They will all suffer for this outrage.

Last month Foreign Policy’s Peter Wilson wrote about the Chavez smear campaign against opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski.


-American lackey

-Bourgeois enemy of the revolution

-A mediocrity

Those are the words from Jabba himself. Then there are the accusations against Capriles from Chavez’s state-run media outlets:

-Gay (apparently under the Chavez regime, there IS something wrong with that)

-Zionist conspirator


Yes, that is correct. Capriles is a mediocre bourgeois neo-liberal gay neo-Nazi Zionist pig. That would be impressive if it were even possible. But try and find some real dirt on the guy and there’s not a lot to go on. Unlike Chavez, Capriles has never led an armed rebellion against the democratically elected government. He’s simply a young, athletic, intelligent, and dedicated public servant who tends to pull almost 80% of the vote when he’s faced off against Chavista candidates in parliamentary and gubernatorial elections – which means a whole lot of Chavista voters are backing Capriles. Really, the worst you can say about the guy is that he’s like a Venezuelan Eric Garcetti …or … wait a second.

Young. Smart. Athletic. Mediocre. Bourgeois. Neo-liberal. Gay. Neo-Nazi. Zionist. Pig.

O díos mío… he’s not a Venezuelan Garcetti… he’s a Venezuelan Obama!

It’s already weird and the election isn’t until October. If we can manage to pull our eyes away from the shit show that is the GOP primary, we’ll keep tabs on the young Henrique Skywalker in his battle against Chavez the Hutt.


No... YOU!


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