¡Sin vergüenza!

Does NASCAR have no shame when they rant about the “pole sitter”…? En serio. Come on.



Revista Trip – O sexo da vovó

Trip… sabe bem como fisgar-me. En serio, you had me at “sexo da vovó”. But if there was any doubt, the cover from the retro porn rag sealed the deal. Something about erotica that involves the combination of wood panelling, body hair “au naturale” and birthday cake. Put them together and it’s like kryptonite. But with nossa Revista Trip it’s never entirely without a purpose. The editores at Trip are an elite group that I consider to be the undisputed cultural and intellectual maestros of legitimizing what would otherwise be a visual glut of gratuitous flesh. And as usual, there was something of some substance to back up the … fluff?

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All hail the king! The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion is crowned World’s Hottest Chili Pepper

DATELINE ALBUQUERQUE: This wrinkled up agitated looking dingle-berry from nuestra isla de Trinidad has just been certified by scholars at the New Mexico State University Chile Pepper Institute (en serio… existe) as being the hottest chili pepper… IN …THE …WORLD! Sigue leyendo