¿Ofensiva… o punto de partida?

So the policía in East Haven CT is unrighteously busting the cacahuates of the city’s Pueblo Latino. No bueno. En serio, racial bias and harassment from law enforcement is so 1990s. Dude, en Los Angeles most the cops are Latino, so targeting the Latino community in these parts really is becoming an anachronism. Guarunz ball bearunz it still happens, but the sad perpetuation of ignorance is trending more toward socio-economic bias and anti-immigrant sentiment and away from the generic old school brand of racismo that our tíos and abuelitos knew.

So how does one battle ignorance and build bridges between divided communities? Like East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo – you break bread! …or tortillas.

After four of East Haven’s “finest” were arrested on federal charges of conspiracy, deprivation of rights, and obstruction of justice, Mayor José was asked “What are you doing for the Latino community today?” And the Mayor responded: “I might have tacos when I go home. I’m not quite sure yet,” Damn straight he’s not quite sure yet! He might want some enchiladas instead… or chilaquiles… maybe a tamale. Who knows? And he doesn’t want to throw a gas can on this already volatile situation. If he were to rush out to Vons and grab some Hamburger Helper and those nasty store-bought hard-shells, there might have been riots in the streets. If he’s going to do this right, he needs to track down some juicy carnitas or machaca. You gotta think these things through – so back the fuck off and give the man some space while he tries to figure it out!

But as we know, think too long and your tacos get cold. The meat will stay fresh but the tortilla and the lechuga? It’s gonna get real nasty real fast. So in the next 48 hours the good people of East Haven and beyond, not wanting to lose this chance to dialogue with their civic leaders, sent José over FOUR THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED TACOS. Hey, if he invites la comunidad to help him chow down, cracks open a couple cases of Tecate, and doesn’t Bogart all the Tapatío, Mayor Maturo won’t just rebuild a bridge, he might have a reelection in the bolsillo.

[Nota: The City did have the presence of mind (and sense of PR) to donate all tacos to a soup kitchen]


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