No es casualidad que las argentinas son divinas

Yerba maté — The umbilical chord that stretches from Buenos Aires to Los Ángeles, that keeps lovely argentinas californicanas como nuestra querida Sabrina eternally connected to the land of their Papi.

Keep your ojos alertos en 2012 for the debut EP from Good Year Charlie – Sabrina’s musical collaboration with guitar maestro Alex Jessup. A good example of what happens when you mix una voz divina del sur with the pozole de influencias that are the música del norte. [Read more for video]

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Estos duraznos, sí durarán

Somewhere between Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde and Ali MacGraw in The Getaway, frolicking between the oil derricks of a distinctly Californicano backlands is Paige Wood from the Peach Kings. Sigue leyendo

La foto del día: Derek Corneau on el Flickr

From El Norte via Mission Loc@l. EPR gives it ¡Dos Pulgarones Arriba!

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¿Ofensiva… o punto de partida?

So the policía in East Haven CT is unrighteously busting the cacahuates of the city’s Pueblo Latino. No bueno. En serio, racial bias and harassment from law enforcement is so 1990s. Dude, en Los Angeles most the cops are Latino, so targeting the Latino community in these parts really is becoming an anachronism. Guarunz ball bearunz it still happens, but the sad perpetuation of ignorance is trending more toward socio-economic bias and anti-immigrant sentiment and away from the generic old school brand of racismo that our tíos and abuelitos knew.

So how does one battle ignorance and build bridges between divided communities? Like East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo – you break bread! …or tortillas. Sigue leyendo

La musa del dia – Laura Gibson: sonidos de Oregón

Today Was a Good Day

El Cubito de Hielo, bien reposado.

Vintage Venice